Me and The other guy - 15 Minutes
from moving 2011. 8. 6. 21:53

BandoneOn - Electro Tango(2006)
Me (Rahj) & The other guy (Didi Gutman)

Scene one, setting in a comfortable womb About 1970 dusk before moon the birth of a child that sees its first life takes the first breath and picks up to steps And then he's off with just a few things to pack Then on course, On a trail of trial and tribulations On a few occasions I must admit I bust my ass Lost my way along the path, and then I did my math A positive plus me is a match And we've been going steady for a while And she said that she likes my style We've been getting kind of wild as you now But everybody can't be a rough rider, Unless you think that you got what it takes. I mean you really got to strive to stay alive And prepare yourself for the brakes Look out


One time, that's all you get
One One time, it's all that you get


And what we gonna do for you And do you count the amount on the shit that you've been do We gonna set you up, we'll grant you this 15 minutes and you shoot your gift We got gods and demons places stakes bet you sell your soul to take and when its said and done I hope you're not another one With the come and tell How you just had fun Blew it all on the liquor and the ladies for ego a shiny Mercedes Had it all but the soul don't shine just another name that fades in time What you gonna when your time comes by How you gonna act when your curtains rise Its all in the stars and I hope that you learn Its One time, one time Learn

Money, fame, glitz, and game Lost they shine torn out the frame Now its up to you What you gonna do with this avenue that you passing through
The classic hits thats you for real Uplift those getting mass appeal Forever gone gonna be shedding light and shine Now baby later on, your story, VH1 at nine


Take it
One time that's all you do
One time its all you get
One time One time
15 minutes till 15 that's all you get

15 minutes and you shoot your shine
You got yours and I got mine
15 minutes and you shoot your shine
15 minutes to five


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